Hi, everyone, and welcome to our 2024 reboot of Friday Statwatch, our look through the world of girls’ scholastic lacrosse through a statistical lens. We like to think we tie together the game from past to present, and across geographical lines.

As per usual, there is a heavy bias here leaning towards the warm-weather states. Florida, Georgia, California, and the Carolinas started two months ago. When the rest of the nation starts up, our sources will get better at giving us a good statistical picture.

If you want a worthy task, please convince your teams, your schools, leagues, or state governing bodies to adopt the easy-to-use MaxPreps.com platform, and we encourage you to get your fellow teams to enter their information there as well as whichever is your local news site, so that we can aim for as complete a statistical picture of the country as possible.

What you see below are statistics from available published sources, including MaxPreps, Berks Game Day, the KHSAA, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, PhillyLacrosse, and Advance Media.

428 Caroline Ling, Springboro (Ohio)
320 Kylee Ferranto, Haddon Heights (N.J.)

555 Caroline Ling, Springboro (Ohio)
395 Taylor McGovern, Parkland Margery Stoneman Douglas (Fla.)
390 Kylee Ferranto, Haddon Heights (N.J.)
337 Teagan Scott, Seneca Ocoee Christian Academy (S.C.)

858 Kathy Jenkins|
509 Lisa Lindley
464 Chris Robinson

Friends, here is where you come in. If you see something amiss in these listings, please feel free to send an email to us at TopOfTheCircle.com. Send us some evidence (a website will do), and we can make corrections.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll try to do better next week.


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