Tony Bellew singles out an ability Floyd Mayweather possessed that many others didn’t

Tony Bellew has heaped praise on former pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather and claimed he could do something that not many other boxers could not.

50-0 Mayweather is one of the few fighters who managed to remain undefeated throughout his career. He famously moved up and down divisions and picked up several world titles when taking on the biggest names in the sport from Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez to Manny Pacquiao.

Now, Bellew, who is a keen boxing historian and lover of the sport, has pointed out in a post on X that Mayweather, in his view, is the only man who could come down in weight and still be effective.

“Only one fighter in the history of boxing comes to mind when I think about being able to drop back down in weight and be effective! I’m not talking about serial weight climbers like PacMan and Canelo, I’m talking fighters who spend most of their career around a certain weight! FM”

He then added some context and compared Mayweather’s move through the weights to others who did the same.

“When people reside at a weight for so long and go up they tend to get hurt on the way back to the old weight. Hopkins never struggled at middle never mind 175, and Baby Jake I’m not sure on how much he jumped. I’m talking the likes of ya RJJr’s and Mosley’s and so many others etc.”

Now long retired, Mayweather remains in the headlines and in particular has been taking plenty of shots from Devin Haney’s father as well as Gervonta Davis in the last week.


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