Massachusetts super middleweight champion Bernard Joseph defeated Anthony “The Gentle Savage” Andreozzi via a five-round unanimous decision on the judges’ three scorecards (50-45, 48-47, and 48-47) and won the first-ever “Granite Chin Box Off” super middleweight final in the main event. 

Andreozzi threw more punches in this action-packed bout, however, Joseph connected on more shots. He also landed more power punches and got the better of the exchanges, especially in the last two rounds, as Andreozzi appeared to tire and his offensive output slowed down. Joseph opened a cut above Andreozzi’s left eye that began to bleed in the third, which prompted the ringside doctor to take a quick look at the cut before the fourth and fifth rounds, but he let the fight continue. 

“I won both fights by listening to my corner and doing whatever they told me. I listened very well so I could take care of everything in the ring. Winning this tournament proved that I am the best super middleweight in the state [Massachusetts],” said Joseph. “I am not trying to do local shows anymore. I am trying to be on TV and get paid to fight. I am going down to 160 pounds, and hopefully, bigger fights present themselves at that weight class.” 

Joseph improved to 9-1-1, 5 KOs, and has won five in a row. Andreozzi fell to 6-4, 2 KOs. He had his two-bout winning streak stopped. This fight was approximately three hours after their opening bouts (there was a blind draw at the weigh-in to determine who they fought) at the beginning of the fightcard. 

“Rumble at the Ring” was promoted by Granite Chin Promotions in front of a packed crowd at the Quincy Youth Arena in Quincy, Massachusetts. The main event and the nine undercard bouts were streamed live on  

Joseph beat the pre-tournament favorite, James “Pitbull” Perkins, via a three-round unanimous decision on the judges’ three scorecards (30-27, 29-28, and 29-28). Perkins landed more power shots, however, Joseph outworked and out-landed Perkins. Perkins dropped to 13-2-1, 9 KOs, and had his one-bout winning streak end. 

Andreozzi obtained a three-round split decision over Ryan Clark on the judges’ three scorecards (Judge Robin Hayes scored it 29-28 for Clark, but she was overruled by Judges Jackie Morrell and Leo Gerstel, who both had it 29-28 for Andreozzi). Clark fell to 4-6, 2 KOs, and his two-bout winning streak ended. This was an action-packed bout where both boxers threw non-stop punches. 

Thomas “The Kid” O’Toole scored a third-round technical knockout over Russell Kimber and obtained the vacant Massachusetts light heavyweight title in the co-feature. Referee Melissa Kelly stopped the bout at two minutes and fifty-nine seconds after O’Toole dropped Kimber for the seventh time. He knocked Kimber down twice in the second round and five times in the third from a variety of combinations to the head and body. Kimber showed great heart as he got up after each knockdown and fought hard. The 2019 Irish National champion buckled Kimber’s knees several times in the first round. O’Toole upped his record to 10-0, 7 KOs. Kimber dropped to 2-2, 1 KO.

Joe Bush won a first-round technical knockout over Tracey Coppedge. The 2023 New England Golden Gloves silver medalist kept his undefeated record intact (3-0, 3 KOs). He is yet to go past the third round. Coppedge fell to 0-3. Referee Kevin Hope stopped the welterweight bout at two minutes and fifty-two seconds as Coppedge could not beat his ten-second count. Bush dropped Coppedge twice via left-right hooks to the body. 

“Iron” Greg Bono defeated Tymar Miles via a second-round technical knockout. Referee Kelly stopped the middleweight bout at fifty-four seconds as Miles was not in any shape to continue to fight. Bono knocked Miles down twice in the second. The first knockdown was from a looping right hook to the head. Then he immediately jumped all over Miles and quickly dropped him again from numerous body combinations. Bono improved to 4-1-1, 3 KOs, and is unbeaten in his last five fights. Miles dropped to 0-2.

Kevin “Big Gulp” Nagle dominated Santander “Cha Cha Azucar” Silgado en route to a six-round unanimous decision, in which he won every round on the judges’ three scorecards (60-52, 60-53, and 60-53). Nagle upped his record to 8-0, 7 KOs, and beat the best opponent of his young career. This was his first fight that went past four rounds and his third bout of the year. Silgado, the former WBA cruiserweight world title challenger, fell to 32-19, 26 KOs. Nagle dominated this one-sided heavyweight bout and landed pretty much whatever he threw. He dropped Silgado in the second round from a straight right to the head. Nagle staggered Silgado several times in the fourth and fifth round. 

USBF middleweight titleholder Julien “Black Dragon” Baptiste obtained a six-round majority decision on the judges’ three scorecards (Judge Leo Gerstel scored it 57-57, but he was overruled by Judges Robin Hayes and Jackie Morrell, who had it 59-55, and 58-56, respectively) over Ricky Ford. Baptiste dominated this bout as he aggressively stalked Ford around the ring and connected on more power shots, especially combinations to the body and straight jabs to the head. He also got the better of the exchanges and out-worked Ford throughout the bout. Baptiste improved to 7-4, 3 KOs in his first title defense. He has won three of his last four fights. Ford dropped to 5-2-2, 3 KOs, and had his seven-bout unbeaten streak end.

Jonathan de Pina defeated Tyrone “Hands of Stone” Luckey via a third-round technical knockout. He upped his record to 14-2, 7 KOs, and has won two in a row. Luckey fell to 16-24-4, 12 KOs. Referee Hope stopped the welterweight bout at two minutes and twenty-four seconds as Luckey was in no shape to continue to fight. The 2018 New England Golden Gloves titleholder knocked Luckey down three times in the third round from left hooks to the body. De Pina staggered Luckey in the first round from a straight left and then a right jab. 

Junior welterweight Thomas Blumenfeld made quick work of Igor Santos with a first-round technical knockout. The 2019 Canadian amateur gold medalist dropped Santos with a straight right, and referee Kelly counted him out at two minutes and thirty-seven seconds, as he could not beat her ten-second count. Blumenfeld kept his unbeaten record intact (4-0, 3 KOs). Santos, who was making his professional debut, dropped to 0-1. 



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