Bill Haney, the dad and trainer of former WBC light welterweight champion Devin Haney, took to social media to launch a wild-eyed rant aimed at Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya.

Still bitter about De La Hoya speaking his mind this week about Devin’s inability to sell, Bill accused the famous ex-multi-division world champion of being the “middleman” and jealous about Dev’s success during his short career.

Bill says De La Hoya got mad after his fighter Ryan Garcia got caught cheating, and then he started running his mouth, making up lies about Devin’s marketability.

Accusations of Cheating and Lies

“Oscar De La Hoya, the glorified middleman that is running around like he’s a big Willie with the network DAZN’s money,” said Bill Haney, Devin’s dad, on social media, taking a shot at Golden Boy Promotions boss Oscar De La Hoya.

“Oscar, you didn’t get mad until your fighter, Ryan Garcia, got caught cheating. Then you started lying, saying Devin ain’t selling. Oscar, you haven’t sold since Canelo Alvarez, and he said you were bad business,” said Bill.

Devin’s PPV track record isn’t great. So it’s hard for Bill to refute De La Hoya’s comments about Devin not being able to sell, but he doesn’t have fights that can prove that he does sell.

The PPV numbers haven’t been released yet for the Haney vs. Ryan Garcia fight, but they’re rumored to be disappointing. Whose fault is that? Would that be Haney’s?

Comparing Ticket Sales and Popularity

“You said we ain’t selling. Our last five events have been jam-packed with over 100,000 people, more than anybody on your roster today. So, Mr. Oscar De La Hoya, I want to know: are you stealing, or are you jealous that Devin ‘The Dream’ Haney is the youngest undisputed champion in the four-belt era? That’s an era you participated in,” said Bill.

Selling tickets and PPVs are two different things. A fighter can attract many fans to their fights by giving out complimentary tickets, offering low fire-sale prices, and being popular in a small section of a city. Bringing in PPV buys is different because it requires popularity nationally, and you can’t give those away as comps or lower prices.

A Personal Attack

“I know we didn’t sold out, but I know it’s one thing that I wish hurry up and sell out, and that’s fishnets. So you keep your a** out of it,” said Bill to De La Hoya.

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