Brazil bagged the bronze medal of the 2024 WPV Women’s Super 6, following their 3-0 (25-13, 25-23, 25-22) win over Italy at Parc des Sports de Vandoeuvre on Sunday.

Brazil started the match with a 4-1 lead, serving and attacking aggressively. They allowed the Italians another point, but extended their lead to 7-2, until Italian captain Francesca Bosio had enough and sent a strong spike from the back row to get her side end the scoring rut. Both sides had an equal share of points in the succeeding plays, that put Brazil still leading at 12-7.

Bosio showed a lot of determination for the Italians and kept challenging the tough Brazilian net defence. But the strong Brazilian presence at the net still prevailed, allowing them to hold a 17-8 lead. Despite Italy’s efforts to get their offence going, Brazil’s strength on offence and defence won out. An attack error by Sara Cirelli conceded the set to Brazil 25-13.

A tight contest ensued in the second set, with Italy getting the advantage 3-2 and later 5-3. Suellen Cristine Dellanegelica Lima topped the Brazilian run that tied the score at 6-all. Brazil got their rhythm back and Suellen served an ace later that extended the lead to 13-8. Italy managed to reduce the lead to within three points 17-14, off an ace by Eva Ceccatelli.

Italy kept that pressure on Brazil until Flavia Barigelli’s strong swing from the left side tied the game at 18-all. The challenge between the two sides continued down the final stretch of the set. With the second set tied at 23-all, a Laiana Rodrigues kill and a Janaina Petit Cunha block sealed the second set win for Brazil 25-23.

The third set began on equal footing as Brazil and Italy exchanged points in six successive plays 3-3, but Brazil took advantage of an Italian attack error that helped them run away with two more points to lead 6-3. Ceccatelli’s great service game helped Italy to get back.

In the succeeding plays, Brazil managed to maintain a four-point lead and an attack from Luiza Fiorese made it a five-point cushion 15-10. Despite Italy’s efforts to stage a comeback, Brazil protected their advantage and closed the match for the bronze medal win 25-22.


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