With a career spanning over a decade, Carlos Sainz has established himself as a formidable force in Formula 1. His journey has been characterized by consistent performance and a relentless pursuit of excellence, from his early days at Toro Rosso to his most recent stint at Ferrari.

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On February 1st, Ferrari confirmed that this would be Carlos Sainz’s last season wearing the tifosi suit. This decision was made as part of the team’s strategy to bring in the seven-time World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, to strengthen their lineup further.

Despite the unexpected bombshell of his departure from Ferrari, Carlos Sainz’s performance has only intensified. He has consistently finished in the top five in the races, showcasing his skill and determination. His resilience and determination to bring home the points have shone through, inspiring fans and pundits alike.

Fourth in the drivers’ standings, with one race less than his team-mate Charles Leclerc, who is ahead of him by only 7 points. With all the eyes set on him from the first race, the Ferrari driver is adamant about proving his team wrong. He started with a podium in Bahrain, and just 16 days after undergoing appendicitis surgery, he broke Red Bull’s winning streak at the Australian Grand Prix. The last time a Ferrari driver climbed to the highest position of the podium was also the Spaniard in Singapore last year.

The podcast, headlines, and the main topic of numerous conversations, Carlos Sainz, is in the spotlight. Despite his brilliant performance so far this season, the former Renault driver is still looking for a set for 2025.

The anticipation around Carlos Sainz’s future team is palpable. While Audi seemed a likely contender, the recent confirmation of Nico Hulkenberg has cast a shadow of doubt. With Mercedes yet to confirm Hamilton’s replacement, the possibility of Sainz joining George Russell is a tantalizing prospect.

If more certainty of Sainz’s future were needed, it would remain to be seen where Adrian Newey’s new home would be. One of the brilliant minds behind Red Bull’s success, Newey’s potential collaboration with Sainz could be a game-changer. He has confirmed that this will be his last season with the Austrian team, and seeing him working alongside the Spanish driver is not that unlikely.

As fans and media eagerly await confirmation on Carlos Sainz’s colours for 2024, the Maranello driver continues to ride the crest of the wave. With a massive fan base in his country, the Circuit of Barcelona has confirmed that Sainz will once again have a dedicated stand. The anticipation is high, with 350,000 fans expected to fill the circuit, showing their unwavering support for the only Spanish driver who keeps climbing to the highest place on the podium.


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