Luiza Fiorese, a 26-year-old world champion and journalist, shares the same goal as her teammates in increasing visibility of the sport and delivering a sport that represents the community.

She is currently competing at the 2024 WPV Women’s Super 6, where Brazil faced two Paralympic gold medallists in their first two matches.

On Thursday, after winning their match against hosts France, Luiza’s excitement was clear. She said, “We played against the last two finalists of the Paralympic Games. We knew it was going to be hard, but we played well and believed we had a chance to win those two games. We’re just preparing for Paris; our goal is set there.”

The Brazilian team is not just competing at the Women’s Super 6 but also building towards the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games. The tournaments before it is crucial for their preparations for the quadrennial. Apart from that, the great support by their federation and the use of the latest technology have improved their capabilities.

Luiza elaborated on their strategy, saying, “It’s a good improvement that our confederation is providing these. We’re working with neurophysiologists, psychologists, nutritionists – a whole team supporting us. This step-by-step approach is helping us reach the levels of teams like the USA and Canada.”

Despite her prominence as a journalist and presenter, Luiza remains humble about her role in the sport. When asked about being the face of sitting volleyball, she said, “I don’t like to say I’m the face of sitting volleyball for Brazil because there are many women here with 20 years of experience. I look up to them and aspire to be like them. However, being a journalist helps me bring more visibility to sitting volleyball and Paralympic sports in Brazil.”

Winning the World Championship in Sarajevo was a big moment for Luiza and her team. Reflecting on this achievement, she shared, “It was amazing to be a world champion, but it was tough to get there. We were used to bronze medals, and losing to teams like the USA and China was challenging. But now we know we can do more. We’re focused on being better in Paris and aiming for the gold.”

Luiza also talked about the broader impact of their success, saying, “Paralympic sport is getting more and more recognition all over the world. In Brazil, we want volleyball fans to see more of sitting volleyball. I’m sure they will love it, enjoy it, and get involved.”

As the Women’s Super 6 in Nancy progresses, Luiza’s story continues to unfold. Her achievements as a world champion and her dedication to promoting Paralympic sports exemplify a spirit of advocacy.


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