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Colin Cowherd was emphatic about Caitlin Clark’s impact on the WNBA. After her stellar performance against the Washington Mystics, he declared her the most crucial player in the league during his show “The Herd” on Wednesday.

“Caitlin Clark to some degree is saving the WNBA. This is not Conor McGreogr. The UFC was ascending and profitable. This is not Bryce Harper to baseball. Teams in baseball are and remain flush with cash. This wasn’t exactly Tiger Woods to golf. You still had legendary tournaments like the US Open, the British Open, The Masters that people watched and coveted.

“That’s not so with the WNBA. It is an incredibly harsh truth. This league was in some trouble. They weren’t making money, they were downsizing and arenas nobody’s watching the finals. And, it has been totally subsidized. Not sort of, kind of remotely. Totally subsidized by the NBA. But that’s okay. That is okay. Lots of businesses have to be subsidized.

“Lots of businesses need a catalyst to take them from nonprofit to big profit. But never forget this. This is the Caitlin Clark effect. She may not be good enough to be on the Olympic team, but she is easily the greatest player without even playing half a season. She is the greatest player for business in the history of the league. And it’s not close.”


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