The New York Giants selected Kentucky cornerback Andru ‘Dru’ Phillips in the third round of this year’s NFL draft to fill a major vacancy on their defense.

That vacancy is on the outside at boundary cornerback, across from last year’s top pick, Deonte Banks. One problem, though. Phillips will not be assuming that role.

At the Giants’ organized team activities (OTAs) this spring, that role is being filled by third-year defensive back Cor’Dale Flott, a 6-foot-2, 177-pound enigma of a player.

Flott is long and lean but his game relies on his aggressiveness and intelligence. The Giants are moving him from the slot, where Phillip will play, to the outside this year. They are confident.

This week, secondary coach Jerome Henderson told reporters that if the season started today, Flott would be in the starting lineup on the outside.

“The young man is a worker, a conscientious kid, he wants to do right, he wants to play well, he’s naturally tough,” Henderson said. “If he was 200 pounds, he would be hell on wheels.”

Flott is hoping to get to 180 pounds first. He began his career two summers ago as a 174-pound, 20-year-old third-round pick out of LSU who the Giants inserted into packages and in the slot in his first two seasons.

“I am at 177 right now,” said Flott. “The goal is 180 obviously. But obviously to get comfortable in the weight. I don’t want to gain weight and it be bad weight and be out of shape and not be able to move around. I feel good so far, continue to build with the weights staff.”

His transition to outside corner has been a gradual process but now is on the fast track. He is working with Banks and Henderson to hone his skills to become the best player he can be.

“We are two different types of corners,” Flott said of him and Banks. “So, with this transition, Tae, learn from him and his press techniques. Nickel, you’ll be five yards off rather up on the line and also use the sideline as a corner, too. Just taking notes basically from each guy and the other veterans in the room and that’s what I’ll continue to do.”

Flott reminded reporters that, “I’m still 22. A lot of the rookies are still older than me.” He’s got a lot of growing to do on several fronts. What helps is the confidence the team is showing in him this spring.

“It gives me confidence too that the coaches have confidence in me, that the team has confidence in me,” he said. “Like I said, just continue to be the best version of myself.”


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