Penguins Could Continue Retool on the Fly by Making the Stanley Cup Playoffs

Pittsburgh Penguins writer Josh Yohe of the Athletic joined TSN Radio in Toronto on Monday ahead of the Penguins and Toronto Maple Leafs game and was asked if the Penguins making the playoffs would change the plan laid out by President and General Manager Kyle Dubas.

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Jeff O’Neill: Josh, before we get to Sid and Malkin, if they ultimately do get into the playoffs, do you think that changes anything from management’s, like organizationally moving forward with this team? Like if they do get in and they win a round, does that kind of change things moving forward? Do you think?

Josh Yohe: Itt’s a great question, and I think that maybe it would. I mean, do I think Kyle Dubas is gonna go out and trade a first-round pick or prospect this summer if the Penguins win a round or two? No, I don’t think that, but will he say, boy, if we can just bring in a couple of pieces this summer, could this team win with this core? Maybe it would change his mind.

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I mean, they would have to do something really impressive in the playoffs for that to happen. If they go make the playoffs and lose to the Rangers in five in the first round, I don’t think that would change any plans, but who’s to say?

We have certainly learned Sidney Crosby is still one of the best players in the world. And I think we’ve also learned that if you surround Malkin with the right people, he can still be a heck of an option in your second-line center.

So I guess anything’s in play at this point is what I’m saying. It’s shocking that you’re even asking me that question because 10 days ago, I never would have thought this was possible.”


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