The 2024 NFL draft is a mere day away and the rumors are flying in abundance. The New York Giants’ sixth pick has been a hot topic as most analysts have Big Blue taking a quarterback with that pick, or trading down, or even trading up for a better quarterback.

Even ESPN’s Dan Graziano can’t pin down what the Giants are going to do.

A month ago, many in the league believed their favorite quarterback in the class was McCarthy. If that were true, things have changed. The rumblings early this week: The Giants’ guy is Maye.

But that’s not all there is to this story. Graziano goes on to explain that he’s been told the Giants and Vikings have been the most active in talking with the Patriots about their No. 3 pick. Should Washington take Jayden Daniels at No. 2, Graziano says the Giants might be interested in trading up for Drake May.

While that’s an interesting rumor, it’s not set in stone that the Giants will try to trade up for a quarterback. There is, however, a real possibility that the Giants take a gamble on Mike Penix Jr. with the sixth pick, says Graziano.

I’ve also been told in recent days that the Giants like Penix and might even be willing to take him as high as No. 6. There’s a lot of chatter flying around, but what is clear is that the Giants have done significant work on the quarterbacks and are very open, if not desperate, to come out of Thursday night with one of them.

Considering Daniel Jones is still owed $36 million in guaranteed money for 2024, taking a quarterback who needs some development isn’t out of the question.

The question remains, though, should the Giants gamble on Penix? Or any quarterback? Or should the Giants seek out a projected year-one starting receiver?

The Giants’ front office only has a few more hours to research, analyze, and evaluate the players they are considering taking in the draft. The rumors will continue to fly, but no one will really know what the Giants are going to do until they do it.


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