Devin Haney says he isn’t interested in fighting Ryan Garcia again after his loss last April in Brooklyn, New York. Haney views Ryan as untrustworthy to rematch after his positive PED tests; he now prefers to forget him and have his loss erased by the New York State Commission.

It’s understandable why Devin doesn’t want a second fight. Who wants a second helping of humiliation, especially with the amount of attention the rematch with Garcia would receive on the big stage?

A second defeat would be disastrous for Haney, and he has obviously been stewing on this long enough to know what would happen to his career if he took the rematch.

Self Preservation?

Haney (31-1, 15 KOs) wants to take his career in a different direction. Ryan’s positive PED tests make him hesitant to ask for a rematch. Devin is playing the “cheater” card, allowing him to swerve a fighter who beat him badly last April.

It’s not the ideal method, but it’s the safest, surest way for Haney to gain some kind of victory without risking his career by taking a second fight with Ryan and getting embarrassed again.

“I’m not too interested in it. We’ve seen the guy cheat, we’ve seen the person that he is. I don’t see myself ever getting back in the ring [with him],” said Haney to Sports Center in damage control mode, on his not being interested in fighting Ryan Garcia again.

“He put my life in jeopardy. I want to take this somewhere else now. He could’ve done some real dangerous things to me that night,” said Haney about Ryan.

The Quest for that Squeaky-Clean Record

Devin’s management wants the fight to be ruled a no-contest, which would remove the loss from his resume and return him to the pristine 31-0 record that he had going into the fight with Garcia on April 27th. Haney will get his magically flawless 31-0 record back.

The idea behind that would be that Haney would be perceived by fans as a brand new car just rolling off the car lot with no miles, not the beat-up clunker with 300,000 miles on the odometer that broke down last April against Ryan Garcia.

It’s safe to say that Haney doesn’t want to risk a second Ryan beat down, so he’s going to use PED accusations as an excuse.


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