In a significant development for English hockey, Holcombe Hockey Club has officially confirmed Kwan Browne as their new Head Coach and Director of Hockey on a seven year contract. This strategic appointment follows Barry Middleton’s departure, with Middleton rumoured to be in talks with Surbiton HC. Browne’s arrival is pivotal for Holcombe, not only filling the gap left by Middleton but also marking a key step in the club’s ambitious drive forward.

BRASSCHAAT Euro Hockey League Ranking Cup 2021 – Mannheimer HC – Hampstead & Westminster

Kwan Browne, renowned for his extensive experience both as a player and coach, brings a wealth of knowledge to Holcombe. His previous stint at Southgate HC and Hampstead & Westminster were marked by significant achievements, and he has been instrumental in developing talent at various levels of the sport. Browne’s coaching philosophy, which emphasises skill development and tactical intelligence, aligns seamlessly with Holcombe’s objectives of nurturing talent and competing at the highest levels.

Securing Nick Bandurak’s stay for the upcoming season was also crucial for Holcombe. Bandurak, one of the deadliest strikers in the league, will continue to be a cornerstone for the team, providing leadership and firepower on the field. His decision to remain is a testament to the club’s direction and Browne’s vision for the team’s future.

As Holcombe embarks on this new chapter under Kwan Browne’s leadership, the club is actively pursuing additional talent to strengthen their squad. With the new season on the horizon, all eyes are on Holcombe as they prepare to unveil a revamped team that aspires to ascend in the rankings and achieve greater success.

With Kwan Browne at the helm, Holcombe HC is poised to introduce a fresh, dynamic approach to their game strategies. Browne’s history of fostering strong, cohesive teams will be instrumental in integrating new signings into the squad. His experience in elite player development, particularly from his time with the Great Britain national teams and top clubs, will be invaluable in elevating Holcombe’s overall performance.

Talking to Kwan about his new role he said “This is the beginning of an incredible journey, I am delighted to be offered the opportunity to be part of a club that’s determined to be successful at the highest level while building a club environment that encourages development and enjoyment for all.”

“As a hockey enthusiast, I feel incredibly fortunate and can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

The hockey community is buzzing with speculation about who might join Holcombe under Browne’s guidance. The club is reportedly targeting players who can bring versatility and depth, enhancing their tactical options and resilience in league play. This proactive approach in the transfer market underscores a clear, strategic intent to build a squad capable of competing not just domestically but also in European competitions.

As preparations for the upcoming season ramp up, Holcombe HC’s activities in the transfer market will be closely watched. The club’s ambition to create a balanced yet formidable team that reflects Browne’s coaching ethos is clear. With Nick Bandurak anchoring the attack and potential new talents on the horizon, Holcombe’s prospects look bright.

The combination of Browne’s tactical acumen and Bandurak’s scoring prowess could very well redefine Holcombe’s standing in the league, turning them into a powerhouse capable of challenging the top tiers of competition. As the season approaches, the excitement around Holcombe HC’s new era under Kwan Browne’s leadership continues to grow, promising thrilling hockey action and strategic masterclasses on the pitch.


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