Ryan Garcia says he’ll rip the WBC light welterweight title away from champion Devin Haney this Saturday, April 20th, on DAZN PPV in Brooklyn, New York.

Get Ready to Get Rough

He’s ready to make it ugly on Saturday by doing whatever he can get to snatch that strap from defensive-minded Haney, and that could mean getting rough.

Ryan may have to because Haney is going to be clinching like usual, moving around the ring to try and win a decision. I don’t think Haney is too worried about pleasing the fans.

He just wants to win, pick up his big paycheck, and buy one of the mansions in the Hamptons in New York, like he and his dad, Bill, are talking about. As the saying goes, ‘Just win, baby.’

Garcia (24-1, 20 KOs) is going to have to follow the blueprint created by Gervonta Davis on how to pulverize Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) if he wants to win because he’s going to be pulling every spoiling trick in the book to neutralize his offense.

Devin isn’t the most entertaining fighter, and this Saturday, he’s not exacted to make it an exciting fight. He’s going to be focusing on not getting hit, because he can’t afford to let Ryan tag him with any of his power shots. He hits too hard, and the fight will be over once he lands.

Tricks of the Trade: Haney’s Survival Kit

Hold? Check. Run? Check. Shove, stiff-arm, and jab? Absolutely. Haney has got the boring stuff ready, and he ain’t afraid to use them. That’s his playbook. If you’re a fan of excitement, you might be a little upset at not getting value for your money.

“That Belt is MINE”

“I’m better now because of him. Devin is going to find out in the ring this is a fight,” Ryan Garcia snarled to DAZN Boxing about his fight with Devin Haney on Saturday night. “He’s going to get it someway, somehow.”

“We’re fighting for the WBC world title, and I’m going to rip that green belt off of Devin Haney if I have to, and I’m going to sacrifice everything I have in that ring. I’ve got to sent him this message. I’m coming to f*** you up,” said Ryan.

Torture Time?

“Ryan, I had a lot of respect for him for a time, but all the respect that I had leading up to this fight, I lost,” said Haney. “We don’t know if people will tune in to see the circus. Will they want to see a lion jump through the hoop? Maybe.

“Maybe they want to see Ryan get tortured. I’ve been doing it for so long that it’s second nature to me,” said Haney.

Now, we’re scared, Haney. Normally, I would think Haney is fixing to brawl with Ryan, but that is not happening.

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