Brock Purdy takes more shots off the field than he does on it.

The latest coming Monday morning from Dan Orlovsky of ESPN, “If Mac Jones was in San Francisco, he would be playing like Brock Purdy,” said the former NFL quarterback on Monday’s show.

George Kittle was asked about Orlovsky’s comment during an interview with the Murph and Mac show on KNBR Tuesday morning.

“I saw that this morning,” responded the 49ers tight end. “That’s disrespectful to Brock Purdy.

“I think Mac Jones is a fine quarterback. Currently what Brock’s doing, you look at his stats, just watch the tape. Just watch him move in the pocket, watch some of the throws he’s making. It’s phenomenal.”

Comments like the one made by Orlovsky are becoming all too common these days.

Almost every conversation around Purdy’s performance is tempered with, “you can drop any decent quarterback into that 49ers offense, and they’d be putting up those numbers.”

Every successful quarterback has done so with help from the players around them. Look no further than the supporting casts of Joe Montana and Steve Young.

While winning NFL MVP honors and five Super Bowls, the two had players such as Dwight Clark, Freddie Solomon, Fred Dean, Ronnie Lott, Jerry Rice, John Taylor, Ricky Watters and many more to work with.

One of the many traits Purdy shares with the former 49ers greats is his approach to the game. Kittle touched on this.

“I feel like I am with a lethal killer in my huddle,” said Kittle. “It’s really impressive, just his dedication to it, how he works.

“When he gets in the huddle he is like a different person. In the locker room he’s got this cheerfulness to him. But the second he gets on the field it’s all business.”



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