Devin Haney showed interest in the news that Mario Barrios had been upgraded to the full WBC welterweight champion on Tuesday. Haney made a cryptic post on social media that hinted that he was interested in Barrios’ WBC title.

Some fans believe Haney (31-1, 15 KOs) could be vacating his WBC 140-lb title to move up to challenge Barrios (29-2, 18 KOs) for his belt at 147.

It would be a situation in which Haney picks a vulnerable champion to snatch his belt from him and leave behind the 140-lb division.

“Mauriciooooo.. 👀,” said Devin Haney on X, reacting to the news of Mario Barrios being elevated to full WBC welterweight champion on Tuesday.

Disappointment with Top Rank Purse Bid

Earlier on Tuesday, WBC light welterweight champion Haney was disappointed that Top Rank won the purse bid with a low 2.42 million winning bid for his mandatory Sandor Martin.

The money Haney will receive for that title defense is small compared to what he received in his fight with Ryan Garcia. Haney may consider moving up to welterweight, where he can expand his horizons.

Perhaps the unkindest cut was Top Rank being the lone bidder and Matchroom not making a bid for the fight. Haney has worked with Matchroom in the past, so it had to be a disappointment.

The only problem with Haney going up to welterweight to relieve Barrios of his WBC title is that there are not a lot of well-paying fights for him in that division. None of the other fighters in the 147-lb division are popular, and it’s not worth it for Haney to leave 140 just because he’s not interested in fighting Sandor Martin.

Haney’s Ultimatum to Garcia

Ryan Garcia is expected to begin campaigning at welterweight when he resumes his career after a potential suspension for his positive PED tests from last April. He would be the only reason for Haney to move up to 147, besides to take the WBC title from Barrios.

“I’m going to take some time, spend some of my money, travel the world and I’ll be back in two years after Ryan’s suspension & we can fight again,” said Haney.


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