There is already so much hype and anticipation going into the 2024 WNBA season. But before then, all eyes will be on training camp and final rosters.

If you’re a new fan just tuning in, or an OG needing a refresher, here’s everything you need to know about training camp: from who makes the roster for training camp, roster cuts and more.

Fyi, the start of the regular season is May 14.

When training camp starts:

Training camp is set to begin on April 28. Players will have to lock in and get ready for preseason, which starts on May 3.

How it works:

This year’s WNBA draftees, as well as current players and those who receive an invite to camp will arrive begin training. Everyone is competing for a spot.

Who is on the training camp roster?

Teams have already begun announcing their training camp rosters. We’ll update them below:

What happens next?

Not everyone will make the official team roster, as Laeticia Amihere of the Atlanta Dream shares in her TikTok. There are 144 roster spots across the League, with a maximum of 12 spots available on each of the 12 teams.

The date for final roster cuts is May 13.

What if my fav gets cut?

Just because a player is cut from the roster doesn’t mean their hoop dreams are over—or that you should stop supporting your fav. Some opt to go overseas and, even after the regular season starts, there’s 10-day contracts as well.


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