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Cleveland Cavaliers head coach JB Bickerstaff discussed Donovan Mitchell’s recent struggles since returning from a left knee injury and nasal fracture after Saturday’s 116-97 road loss vs. the Los Angeles Lakers (10 points/5 rebounds/7 assists/3 steals/2 blocks/5 turnovers/4-13 FG/2-9 3-PT/0-2 FT/+10 +/-).

(via Cleveland Cavaliers):

Reporter: “Donovan just seems visibility frustrated out there. Is there any concern that it could I guess spread to the team?”

Bickerstaff: “I don’t think he’s frustrated in a negative way towards the team or what we’re doing or anything like that. He’s used to being Donovan. He wants more from himself, and he’s working his way to try to get there. So, you can’t take the competitor out of him. He’s competing his tail off and trying to give us everything that he has, but right now, he’s struggling a little bit. But he’s competing, he’s leading, he’s trying to help us get over this hump, and that’s why he’s out there on the floor.”


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