Juan Francisco Estrada vs Jesse ‘Bam’ Rodriguez launch press conference quotes

Wednesday, May 8th saw the launch press conference for Juan Francisco Estrada and Jesse ‘Bam’ Rodriguez as they prepare to clash for the WBC World and Ring Magazine Super-Flyweight titles at Footprint Center, Phoenix, Arizona on June 29, live worldwide on DAZN.

Sunny Edwards will return on the same card against former world champion Adrian Curiel, as well as fellow Briton, Ramla Ali who will challenge for the WBC world title against Mexico’s Yamileth Mercado.

Juan Francisco Estrada: “I’ve been speaking about this fight and about my career with my promoter Juan [Hernandez]. We did have other options for fights. [Kazuto] Ioka, the Japanese fighter, to go and face and unify. But we really wanted to fight against Bam because we believe it is a great fight. He was also a champion in the lower weight division, so I thought it would be a great test for us to go in there. Also, it’s a great fight for the fans to enjoy too.

“I think Bam is a good fighter but you do have to say that. But I think if you look at his best victories like [Carlos] Cuadras, [Srisaket Sor] Rungvisai, then those guys were on the way out. The only good victory that he’s had was the Sunny Edwards fight, which I was present for. Obviously that was at a lower weight and we’ll have to see what he’s like up here fighting against me at this higher weight class because I think that will be the difference on the night. Let’s see what happens on June 29 because I also come into this with a winning mentality and the mentality of winning this fight convincingly. If it is by KO, then even better.

“It’s going to be a wonderful fight, which people coming here can expect that. I’m coming in with a winning mentality, wanting to defend my title and go on to having even bigger fights in the future. Don’t rule out this being a wonderful fight and a wonderful show. But what is also really important is that we both come out of this ring safe and sound.”

Jesse Rodriguez: “Like Robert [Garcia] says, I will take on any fighter. If they drop your name, I will say yes right away. If it’s any other fight that’s not challenging then I’m not interested. From here on now, it’s big fight after big fight. That’s what I’m here for to give the fans the fights they want to see. They want entertaining fights and firework fights. You know that’s what I’m all about and that’s what I’m here to do.

“I was probably about 13 or 14 when I first heard about Estrada. I was watching his fight against Chocolatito [Roman Gonzalez] and [Carols] Cuadras. So to share the ring with him is an honor. But come June 29, all of that goes out the window. When it’s just me and him in the ring, I’m going to take what he has. I’m a different breed and I’m a different animal. Come June 29 the whole is going to see that. I’ve proved people wrong, time after time. I’m just here to prove people wrong and come June 29 expect fireworks.

“People didn’t think I could stop Sunny [Edwards]. I’m pretty sure they don’t expect me to stop Estrada. But I believe in myself that I can do it and my team believes it. It’s a very hard task to do but it is possible because nothing is impossible. So, come June 29 I feel like I am going to shock the world. Like Robert said, we’re not looking past Estrada. But we do have future plans and bigger plans than this. I’m already No.9 on the top pound-for-pound list. I feel like winning this will just put me even higher. I’d be able to hold the WBC for a second time and the Ring Magazine belt for the first time. Not a lot of fighters can say that title before, so that in itself is a blessing. The sky’s the limit, Eddie. Give me a name and I’m in there right away.”

Robert Garcia: “I know when my fighters are ready to step it up to the next level. When I started mentioning Arturo Cardenes to Kevin Rooney and yourself [Eddie Hearn] it took you a while but you guys finally put him on one of your cards. It looks like you guys are happy with his performances and this kid was from Mexico’s National team when I brought him in. Since day one, on his pro debut. I knew this kid could be something special. And with Matchroom, DAZN and yourself, I think after this fight – without disrespecting Barrios – then we are ready to step it up. I know it’s going to be a difficult fight but we’re excited to be here and he can fight in front of a big crowd as he has done before. It looks like Phoenix, Arizona is becoming our second home. The big fights are happening here and my fighters are fighting here. We’re here often and I can’t wait for June 29 for Arturo and, obviously, for Bam.

“I was a little worried that after a little while that I didn’t know what he was going to want. But we know that Estrada is a tough opponent and a great champion. I would probably say, and I don’t think I’m mistaken, that this guy [Estrada] is the most talented Mexican right now when it comes to talent. He is a great. We’re honored and happy to be sharing the ring with him.


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