Juan Francisco Estrada vs Jesse Rodriguez weigh-in results and fight schedule

All the weights from tonight’s blockbuster showdown between WBC World and Ring Magazine Super-Flyweight champion Juan Francisco Estrada and Jesse ‘Bam’ Rodriguez at Footprint Center, Phoenix, Arizona on June 29, live worldwide on DAZN.

Live on Before the Bell 4.30pm PT / 12:30am BST

6×3 Super-Lightweight contest
Leonardo Rubalcava 139lbs vs William Flenoy 136.2lbs

6×3 Welterweight contest
Fabian Rojo 146.4lbs vs Daniel Gonzalez

8×3 Bantamweight contest
Gabriel Muratalla 117.6lbs vs Carlos Fontes 117lbs

Live on DAZN 6.30pm PT / 2:30am BST

10×3 WBC Continental Americas Super-Bantamweight title
Arturo Cardenas 121lbs vs Danny Barrios i21.2lbs

10×2 WBC World Super-Bantamweight title
Yamileth Mercado 121lbs vs Ramla Ali 122lbs

12×3 Flyweight contest
Sunny Edwards 112lbs vs Adrian Curiel 112lbs

12×3 WBC World and Ring Magazine Super-Flyweight titles
Juan Francisco Estrada 115lbs vs Jesse Rodriguez 115lbs

What have they said?

Juan Francisco Estrada: “We’re completely ready for this fight, both physically and mentally, and going into this fight I believe that I am 100 per cent ready for this challenge. In my boxing career I’ve had 47 fights, some of them have been really tough, and I believe this fight will be another one of those tough fights, but I’m totally ready to win convincingly on Saturday night.

“I’m going to go out all-action from the first round like I always do but in an intelligent way, that will be my plan when I go into the fight. My plan is to go and show, as he says I’m finished, I’m old, my aim is to show that is not correct.

“It’s going to be a really good weekend for all the people, particularly the Mexican people. God willing, we get the victory on Saturday, because it will be much better for Mexico. We just want to go in there and show that El Gallo Estrada has still got big things to do in the sport.”

Jesse ‘Bam’ Rodriguez: “I might not show it, but this is the most excited I’ve been for a fight my whole career. I know what is at stake and what this win can do, not only for my career but for my life. My newborn, it would open a lot of doors for her, and a lot of doors for my career, this is what it’s all about. This is the fight that I’ve been wanting for a while, now that I have it I gave it my all in training and come Saturday night that’s going to show.

“This is the biggest fight I have ever been in, not only skill wise but crowd wise, there will be a lot of Mexican fans rooting for Estrada, but I will feed off of that negative energy towards me. So I am ready to go, I just can’t wait to step inside that ring.

“It’s just a matter of getting in there and it actually unfolding. I do believe it could start a little technical but once I figure him out, it’s a wrap.

“I feel like I have the skills to stop anybody that I am put in the ring with, so on Saturday night I will prove everyone wrong once again.”

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