In a month, the Paris Olympics begin.

As per usual, you can get access to most every event through video streaming. But unlike three years ago, you can’t do most of your streaming through the NBC Sports app. Instead, you’ll be using the Peacock service. With it, you’ll be able to get every single game of the field hockey competition from the world feed.

You also will be getting U.S. games called by announcers hired by NBC for the games. Behind the microphone for the American games are current Notre Dame ice hockey broadcaster Tony Simeone and former Louisville field hockey star Suzanne Bush.

These voices have been heard before on national television: Simeone on a number of Notre Dame sports across the NBC family of networks, and Bush on ESPN Plus doing field hockey.

Having done a handful of field hockey broadcasts on radio and television before, I know it’s one of the harder sports to bring to the masses. Programmers have tried different solutions in the past, such as hiring Mike Eruzione from the 1980 Olympic ice hockey team to call the games in Los Angeles.

Now, I’ll be interested to hear who the voices on the world feed are; these folks call numerous games over the course of a day, mostly by themselves. But in the knockout stages, the voices are paired off together in the usual play-by-play and color roles. I’m hoping the world broadcasters get some goof people.


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