The New York Knicks made arguably the trade of the offseason. They traded for small forward, Mikal Bridges from the Brooklyn Nets. In exchange, the Knicks sent the Nets multiple draft picks and Bojan Bogdanovic. This deal also reunites Bridges with his former teammates from Villanova, Jalen Brunson, Josh Hart, and Donte DiVincenzo. The New York Knicks’ championship odds have also majorly shifted after the deal. They possess +900 odds to win next year’s NBA Finals per BetMGM as of June 26th , 2024. Previously, New York had odds of +1,700 odds. Mikal Bridges had a desire to play for the Knicks and the Nets, in a somewhat surprising turn of events, granted his trade request.

New York Knicks Make Blockbuster Trade for Mikal Bridges

Mikal Bridges’ Fit With the Knicks

Adding a terrific three and D wing to the Knicks has to terrify the league. Despite dealing with key injuries during the postseason, New York was one game away from making it to the Eastern Conference Finals. Many speculate they would have given the eventual champion, Boston Celtics, more of a fight than the Indiana Pacers did if they did advance. Considering the Knicks were a two seed and one of the best defensive units in the league, adding a solid three and D wing like Bridges is a home run. Not to mention, he is one of the most durable players in the entire league. Something head coach, Tom Thibodeau, will love considering his affinity to play his guy’s extended minutes. While Mikal Bridges may not be a superstar, this was a terrific move by the New York Knicks from a fit and defensive perspective.

New York Knicks Legitimate Championship Contenders for Next Season

The New York Knicks now have a solid chance to represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals next year. They seem to have all the pieces. Jalen Brunson is the number one scoring option, and they still have Julius Randle, despite the speculation surrounding him. Their supporting cast consists of terrific “glue,” guys such as Josh Hart and O.G. Anunoby who they just signed to an extension. Not to mention, the team will now boast a “big three,” of Brunson, Bridges, and Randle provided they keep the power forward. While the New York Knicks did lose a lot of draft capitol to get Bridges, they finally landed their “big fish,” during the offseason. Look for the Knicks to be legitimate championship contenders next year.


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