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Dallas Mavericks guard Kyrie Irving believes that former teammate Jaylen Brown has looked solid on both ends so far for the Boston Celtics during the NBA Finals, especially defensively (BOS leads series 2-0).

(via Dallas Mavericks):

Tim Bontemps: “Obviously Boston has a bunch of guys they can throw at you defensively, but you spent a lot of time with Jaylen Brown, he’s talked a lot this year about the pride he’s taken in improving as a defensive player. I’m just curious, from your perspective watching him, how have you seen him grow at that end and what do you think of the way he’s been playing in this series?”

Irving: “He’s been playing great. He’s been one of the emotional leaders on their team, and defensively, he’s making it difficult. That’s what he’s been doing all year, and for the past few years, he’s really tried to make his mark on that end. So when you take pride in what you do on the defensive end, it’s going to show, and I think he’s really been separating himself on that end. And then offensively, to be able to do it on both ends of the floor, is even more impressive. This is what makes the Finals even greater, is going against somebody that great on that end, has a high energy, and is going to make it difficult. But, we gotta go straight at him.”


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