Can “The Sauce” add some spice to the heavyweight division? Former WBO cruiserweight champ and recently crowned bridgerweight champ Lawrence Okolie seems to have a number of interesting options right about now. The 31 year old has expressed his interest in getting Deontay Wilder interested in a shot at his bridger belt, and Okolie, 20-1(15) has also spoken about the strong possibility of him moving up to the big man league.

Speaking with IFL TV, Okolie – who ripped the bridgerweight strap from Lukasz Rozanski last month, this by first-round take-out – made it clear he is especially interested in a fight with Joseph Parker. Parker as we know, is on a roll; the former WBO heavyweight champion having taken care of Deontay Wilder and Zhilei Zhang. But Okolie fancies his chances against the New Zealander, and he feels he has the stuff, the Sauce, to stop Parker.

“There’s been talks about some big heavyweight fights that I’m interested in,” Okolie said. “I can’t go straight for the top boys, Joseph Parker is the highest [ranked heavyweight] of this current crop [that I could fight]. I’m 31, and it’s time to get stuck in with some big, dangerous boys. If we box, I believe I can knock out anyone. I don’t wanna start being…., ‘cos me and him might not fight. But when I’ve watched him [Parker], I believe I have enough punch power to do the job.”

Parker as we know, is a man who will fight anyone. Okolie, at 6’5,” looks to have the dimensions to be able to mix it at heavyweight. Who knows, this fight, right out of the blue, could prove to be one of this year’s highlights.

Parker Vs. Okolie – who wins, and how?

There is talk of this fight, or maybe another, entirely different fight for both men, taking place on the huge, upcoming card at Wembley in September. Who knows what surprises that card may have in store for us!


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