Photo: Dallas Mavericks/X

Here’s Dallas Mavericks veteran Luka Doncic applauding the professionalism of rookie Dereck Lively II after their 122-84 NBA Finals Game 4 home win vs. the Boston Celtics (11 points/12 rebounds/1 steal/4-5 FG/1-1 3-PT/2-4 FT/+20 +/-).

(via Dallas Mavericks):

Mike Curtis: “Dereck Lively had a very impactful game. A double-double. What did you see from him stepping up on this stage? And what’d you think of that three-pointer he hit in the corner?”

Doncic: “Big-time, man. I think people forget he’s a rookie. He’s a rookie doing this stuff. He’s been amazing the whole season, just watching him grow was unbelievable. It’s fun having him out there with me and calling him my teammate. It’s unbelievable and it’s a pleasure to have him. He’s 50% on the season, so he might as well just keep shooting. He’s 1-for-2 right?”

Reporter: “Three.”

Doncic: “He’s 1-for-1. He’s 100% percent in the playoffs.”


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