In the round-up: Kevin Magnussen says a sprint race could be a worthwhile addition to the Monaco Grand Prix weekend.

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Sprint race could suit “weird” Monaco event – Magnussen

Although some supporters of sprint races have said the format wouldn’t be suitable in Monaco, where overtaking is almost impossible, Magnussen believes it could enhance the weekend.

“We know there’s no overtaking in the race so it does feel now with all these other races where overtaking is pretty good and racing is pretty good, that it is a bit of a weird one because there’s so little,” he said. “Maybe there could be more qualifying sessions or a sprint [race] to throw a curveball.”

The Haas driver said the circuit is one of his favourites. “It’s the best track on the calendar to drive, it’s just phenomenal on these little tight streets with walls everywhere,” he said. “The feeling of driving a Formula 1 car in Monaco, to me, is the best of the year.”

Amid speculation over its future on the calendar, Monaco recently signed a short extension to its F1 contract. Magnussen hopes F1 never drops the historic circuit. “The Monaco Grand Prix is a part of the triple crown, it’s one of those races where if you win that, it’s extra special,” he said. “Having driven around there it’s so special, so I hope it stays on the calendar.”

Newey not set on Ferrari – Jordan

Reports Red Bull chief technical officer Adrian Newey has decided to join McLaren have been denied by his manager Eddie Jordan.

“Speaking as someone who should know, and I’m not giving any information away other than I can tell you at no stage, at no stage is any this kind of discussion happening,” he told Formula For Success. “There will be talks and there is going to be ongoing talks, because we have yet to decide what Adrian himself wants to do.”

Jordan suggested Newey will want to spent some time with his family before committing to another F1 team. “He’s been at this since coming straight from his dream to be an engineer at university and Leyton House and Williams, McLaren now Red Bull.

“Jesus, the guy is 60-something, he’s getting a new boat, I would have said that equally alongside all of those potential teams that we’re talking about. the fifth team he should be thinking about is himself. Himself and Amanda. They’ve got a wonderful home in Cape Town. We see a lot of them. They’re great, great friends. I have no idea. And let us be very clear. It’ll always be Adrian’s decision. And so it should be. But there is no clear call.”

Leclerc’s car passes extra checks

Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari was selected at random for extra physical checks after he finished third in the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix. The inspection covered the suspension, dampers, sensors and associated electronics, all of which were found to comply with the regulations.

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No more Formula 3 at Macau Grand Prix

Formula Regional will replace Formula 3 in Macau

The Macau Grand Prix will no longer feature Formula 3 cars, the FIA has confirmed. From this year the competition will be held for Formula Regional level machinery.

“Bringing Formula Regional cars to Macau for the FIA World Cup is a natural consequence of the evolution of the junior single-seater landscape over the last couple of years and is a logical step in the pyramid,” said the FIA’s single-seater strategy and operations director Francois Sicard.

“Macau’s Formula 3 race has built its legendary reputation as an event that gathered the best junior racers from national series around the world at what is the world’s most challenging street circuit. A move to Formula Regional machinery very much revives that spirit and is an optimal long-term solution for the FIA-sanctioned single-seater competition in Macau.”

F3 cars returned to Macau last year for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic and attracted several Formula 2 drivers to appear in the race. Luke Browning won, joining past F3 winners including Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher.

Hedley standing in for Zagazeta

GB3 racer James Hedley will make his Formula 3 debut for Jenzer as a substitute for Matias Zagazeta in Monaco this weekend. Zagazeta is unable to race having recently undergone an emergency operation for appendicitis.

Hedley won the Ginetta Junior championship in 2019, then twice finished fifth in the British Formula 4 championship with four wins, and came sixth in GB3 last year.

“I got a phone call yesterday at 4pm and it’s happening,” said Hedley. “I am racing FIA F3 at Monaco.”

“There’s no time for sim preparation but I will focus on the drive and give it everything,” he added. Thank you to everyone helping me get to Monaco.”

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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Emmet!

On this day in motorsport

Jarno Trulli, Renault, Monaco, 2004
Trulli won for Renault in Monaco today in 2004 but was dropped by the team before the season was over
  • 20 years ago today Jarno Trulli scored his only Formula 1 victory in the Monaco Grand Prix, for Renault


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