Matey Kaziyski is a world-renowned Bulgarian volleyball player known for his outstanding skills and success at the international level. Kaziyski, born in 1984, is considered one of the best outside hitters of his generation. He started his career in the domestic Bulgarian league and quickly made his mark in foreign clubs, where he won numerous awards and titles. Kaziyski is known not only for his physical abilities, hard hitting and passing, but also for his intelligence on the field and tactical thinking, which makes him an ideal player for key situations in matches. His career includes stints with teams such as Trentino Volley, with whom he achieved many international successes, including several CEV Champions League victories.

In our interview on the “VolleyCoachShow” podcast, Kaziyski shares his valuable tips for outside hitters that can help young players improve their performance. He stressed the importance of technique and attack variation, while recommending to focus on improving set reading and defense.

Kaziyski also talked about the mental aspect of the game. According to him, the key is to constantly work on your game and be open to new strategies and training methods. His advice reflects his vast experience and passion for volleyball, which may inspire the next generation of players to achieve similar success.



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