Retired New York Giants Hall of Fame defensive end Michael Strahan, one of the more omnipresent figures on American television in recent years, may be stepping down due to personal reasons in the near future.

Strahan’s daughter, Isabella, was diagnosed with brain cancer last fall and the football legend has taken some time away from his duties as a host on ABC’s Good Morning America to lend some support during her chemotherapy, which she recently completed.

Strahan also is a panelist on FOX NFL Sunday during the football season. His daughter’s ordeal has him reassessing his priorities, which could mean him stepping away from broadcasting.

“You’d think I’m the athlete, the tough guy, the father in the family. It is not about any of that. It has really made me change my perspective on so many things,” he said on In Depth with Graham Bensinger.

“I love my life and I enjoy my life, but at some point, my kids are in college, I want to be able to go to college and say, ‘Yeah let’s take a trip.’ . . . I want a life where there’s some freedom at some point. Is it in two years, three years, five years, 15, 20?”

Strahan also doesn’t want to overstay his welcome on television like so many others have done before him.

“I don’t want to lose gratefulness of being there and being a part of something,” he said. “I’ll be off TV before a lot of people are sick of me being on TV.”

So far, no one is sick of Strahan on TV but eventually, all good things must come to an end. But who knows when that will be?


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