Utah looking for a top-pair defenseman

David Pagnotta: The Utah Hockey Club is looking for a top-pair defenseman by the sounds of things. Something to watch this week.

Minnesota Wild listening on Marco Rossi and Filip Gustavsson

Anthony Di Marco: There is not much trade talk involving Minnesota Wild forward Marco Rossi and goaltender Filip Gustavsson at the moment.

The Wild are willing to listen on both players but are not in any rush to trade either.

NHL Rumors: Minnesota Wild and St. Louis Blues

Jake Guentzel speculation continues

Sportsnet: Nick Kypreos when asked about Carolina Hurricanes’ pending UFA forward Jake Guentzel and where he may end up.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

Martine Gaillard: ” We’ve heard Jake Guentzel’s name linked to Vancouver for a while now. Can the Canucks finally make that happen?”

Kypreos: “Well, they’re trying. We know that and in a perfect world, I think Jake Guentzel could easily get towards $9 million out of the Vancouver Canucks on a seven-year deal.

The question is, is where’s about 10 or 12 other teams when it comes to Jake Guentzel, who has shown interest? And one of them is his old club in Carolina. They’re still in it.

The one advantage that Carolina has over the Vancouver Canucks is they can offer the eighth year and bring down the AAV. So I think Jake’s number would be probably in the $63 to $64 million range. And the question is, is Carolina in a position to offer him say eight times eight compared to the nine (million) times seven (years) for Vancouver?

NHL Rumors: Jake Guentzel and Sleeper Teams

So it really would be up to Jake Guentzel, Jake on where he sees his future. But Carolina, still very much in it, but not to the point where I think they’re committed yet to match maybe a Vancouver offer but Canuck fans, you’re in it. It may be a two, two horse race here. We’ll see how this shapes up through the weekend.”


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