Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman on the Jeff Marek Show on if Utah will be looking to make some big moves this offseason for their inaugural season.

** transcription

Marek: “Let me ask you about Utah. So Bill Armstrong is coming up in hour two. Going to talk to the General Manager of Utah HC here.

And they seem to have you know, the potential to be the great fixtures here or you know they can, they’re the ones that can absorb whatever players are available and have like you know, the, the door wide open to bring in, to bring in new players.

They did their big jersey and color scheme reveal . What do you think Utah does specifically this offseason? Like I don’t think Armstrong is gonna give me any specific information about what they’re, what they’re doing or what they’re planning, but there’s kind of unlimited possibilities here for Utah, Friedge?”

Friedman: “Well, they have a lot of flexibility on defense. There’s no question about that. I had, I had a couple teams tell me that they think they what they might do is offer some kind of short-term, big AAV deal …”

Marek: “Yes. Yes.”

Friedman: “… till some of their prospects are ready. That they would not be surprised that if, if the HC as, or the pre-Yeti, or whatever we’re going to be calling them, are, are going to, are in a position to do that till some of their prospects are ready.

I also think like there are out there that think they’ll take one thing swing. That they you know, they, they’re a new team because obviously a lot of enthusiasm you know, it’s a tough division.

Like you look at that division. You’ve got Dallas there. You’ve got Colorado there. Nashville and Winnipeg were playoff teams last year. So they’re wondering like when you have a new team, you generally get a fan base that understands that maybe you’re not going to win right away, but usually that’s more with expansion than it is with established team, even though Arizona is still building up or was building up. But there are some people who wonder if they’re gonna take a big swing.”


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