Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya revealed the trigger that caused his relationship with Canelo Alvarez to fall apart in 2020. Oscar states that it was a simple remark he made in an interview that caused the rift between them.

The Crime? Suggesting a New Trainer

De La Hoya says he was asked in an interview if Canelo needs a new trainer to replace Eddy Reynoso, and he told the interviewer that maybe it would be a good idea. From there, Canelo’s camp was howling, talking about him showing disloyalty.

Oscar says he received a call and was lashed by Canelo’s camp. They made a big production about that one comment.

“Let me give you exactly what happened; I figured this one out. Let me tell him exactly why he’s so mad at me,” Oscar De La Hoya said to Fighthype about how his relationship with Canelo Alvarez fell apart.

“One day, a reporter asked me, ‘Do you think Canelo needs another trainer?’ I said to the reporter, ‘Maybe that [is a good idea]. I had seven trainers in my career. I learned from every trainer who taught me something new. Maybe Eddy Reynoso can use a little help.’

“Well, guess what? They called me not being loyal. He said I wasn’t loyal. How could I do this? So that’s how it started. If that’s what it was. That was it. I mean, come on,” said Oscar.

Pot Calling the Kettle Black

De La Hoya says Canelo is the disloyal one, “Who is the unfaithful one here, jumping from promoter to promoter, deal, network to network?” Oscar makes it clear that he views Canelo as a hypocrite.

Where’s the Gratitude?

“Who is the unfaithful one here? Who is the disloyal one here? And have I received a thank you? Never. When I got him the biggest deal of his life, remember that big contract? Did I receive a thank you? Never. So, who is the disloyal one.”

“F***, no. I don’t give a s***,” said an angry-looking De La Hoya when asked if he’s still waiting for a thank you from Canelo for what he’s done for him.


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