As we get ready for Play True Day 2024 on April 19, the global anti-doping community is getting excited about a big online celebration. WADA is inviting everyone involved in sports to come together and support clean competition.

This year’s theme is #OnePlayTrueTeam. It’s all about showing that we’re in this together – athletes, coaches, doctors, family, friends, and everyone who loves sports and wants to keep them clean. Whether you’re part of a team or just a fan, you’re part of the #OnePlayTrueTeam.

To make sure everyone can join in, WADA has created special images and videos in different languages. These are like tools for people to share their stories and show why they believe in fair play. It’s a chance to tell inspiring stories or share messages about why clean sport matter.

On April 19, the world will come together to celebrate the #OnePlayTrueTeam. It’s a day to cheer for all the people and groups working hard to keep sports clean and fair. It’s a reminder that when we play by the rules, everyone wins.

So, let’s all join forces and show our support for clean sports on Play True Day 2024.

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