Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis doesn’t believe that the Saudis will succeed in their attempt to create a boxing league that would unite all the promotional companies.

Tank feels that the different promoters won’t agree to the idea. Golden Boy Promotions and Matchroom are two companies the Saudis are reportedly discussing creating the league.

A Threat to Manufactured Stars

He could be right. The promoters protect their fighters by matching them against beatable opposition to turn them into manufactured products that are rarely as good as they appear to be.

“That would never happen because everybody don’t agree; everybody are not on the same page. That would of been happen,” said Gervonta Davis to the media when asked about his thoughts on the Saudis being interested in creating a boxing league with all the promoters working together.

The Illusion of Greatness

In a boxing league that is controlled in a similar way as the UFC, the fans would see the best fights, and it would help the sport. However, it would also hurt promotional companies because their fighters would be in the general population and not under protective, isolated situations where they’re purposely fed tomato cans to give the illusion of them being great. It’s all fake in a lot of cases.

In a league, it would be impossible to pull the wool over the public’s eyes because the fights wouldn’t be set-ups involving sure-thing wins. Boxing would be controlled and run like a normal sport, like the NFL, NBA, and NHL.

It would be great for the fans, but it would be a real shock to the promoters who have manufactured fake fighters to make them look better than they are. Many fighters would see their careers go downhill.

Tank’s Career at Stake

Top Rank and PBC would need to support it, but they might not want to.  For Tank Davis, it would be a big shock to the way he’s being matched if he were forced to fight better competition, and his career would spiral downward if he had to fight the talented lightweights. If Tank Davis had fought the best all these years, he would likely have defeats on his resume, and he wouldn’t be a PPV attraction.

Top Rank would need to match fighters like Teofimo Lopez against the best instead of fighters like Steve Claggett, and his career would likely evaporate quickly.

“Yeah, for sure,” said Tank when asked if he’s interested in becoming undisputed at 135. “Probably the eighth or ninth round,” said Tank, predicting what round he’ll knockout Frank Martin on Saturday.

“No, that was just a decision I made with being mad,” said Tank Davis when asked if part of being the ‘Face of Boxing’ is being obligated to attend grand arrivals and other similar media events. “After the fight, I’m going to stick around and take pictures with people for as long as I can.

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