Best of the British

Hand-to-hand combat has always been part of the human experience, and there is evidence to suggest that our earliest ancestors engaged in recreational fighting throughout pre-history. Boxing has been a popular sport for centuries since it was included in the Ancient Greek Olympic games in 688 BCE.

The sport we know and love today was formalised in the mid-18th Century when the Marquess of Queensberry Rules were established. The sport goes from strength to strength, with millions tuning in for the bigger matches and plenty of casino site players branching out to wager on their favourite fighter.

Part of the appeal of boxing is the high-profile participants, many of whom have earned worldwide reputations for their fighting ability.

Some of the top British boxers of the last decade include:

Anthony Joshua

As one of the most talked-about fighters of recent years, Anthony Joshua has earned himself a place on the list by virtue of his incredible achievements throughout his career. His titles include:

● 2012 Olympic gold medallist
● British Heavyweight Champion
● Commonwealth Heavyweight Champion
● World Boxing Association Heavyweight Champion
● International Boxing Federation Heavyweight Champion
● Member of the Order of the British Empire

Joshua has continued to earn titles and beat opponents from all over the world, with his most notable recent bouts including one against Francis Ngannou. As a former UFC heavyweight champion, there were high expectations of Ngannou for this event, which was billed as ‘Knockout Chaos’.


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