The last time the New York Giants were sold was back in 1925 when Tim Mara, grandfather of current co-owner John Mara, bought the team for the initial league entry fee of $500 (approx. $8973.40 in today’s dollars).

Mara, a legal bookmaker and businessman, transferred the team to his two sons, Jack and Wellington, in the early 1930s. They held the team jointly until Jack’s death in 1965.

Jack Mara’s half of the team was assumed by his surviving family and represented by his son, Tim. The relationship between Tim and his uncle Wellington was famously rocky to the point where the league had to do an intervention to help get the storied franchise

Tim Mara, his sister, and his mother held their 50 percent share until 1991 when they sold to billionaire Bob Tisch in a deal that was estimated to be worth $60 million (approx. $138 million in today’s dollars).

That was the last time the Giants had ever entertained any type of sale. The Mara and Tisch families have maintained equal ownership of the franchise ever since. Both sides have stated they have no intention of selling.

So, how much are the Giants worth in 2024?

Well, at last count in Forbes’ NFL Team Valuations in August of 2023, the Giants were valued at $6.8 billion. That ranked them fourth on the list after Dallas ($9 billion), New England ($7 billion), and the Los Angeles Rams ($6.9 billion).

The Giants’ value grew by 13 percent in 2023. Should they grow by that amount again this year, their value would rise to $7.68 billion.

For some time now, every NFL team has been worth over a billion dollars. The 32nd-ranked team, the Cincinnati Bengals, were valued at $3.5 billion last year.


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