If you’ve ever visited a casino, the chances are that you’ve seen the many slot machines that they have on offer. But that’s not the only place that you can find Slots these days, with plenty of people choosing to play online.

Thanks to developing technology, slot machines were able to make the leap from the mechanical versions of decades ago to the sleek online offerings of today. There is an abundance of different games to try, whether you play Megaways Slots or Fire Blaze slots.

But what is it that makes online Slots different and sees them drawing in so many players?

Varied gameplay

While early slot machines were all quite similar in design and gameplay, the same is definitely not true for online Slots. Thanks to the freedom of the digital platform, developers can create games without the limitations of a physical machine or casino space.

This means that online Slots can vary up their gameplay and features like never before, offering players a far greater variety of options to choose from.

One of the key gameplay innovations that came about thanks to the shift to digital is the Megaways format. Created by an Australian developer in 2015, Megaways Slots feature a unique mechanic where the number of symbols that appear on each reel is randomised on every spin.

Each of the six reels in a typical Megaways game can feature between two to seven symbols on a given spin, creating a far greater variety of potential results. In fact, some games boast over 100,000 possible winning combinations.

This does away with the traditional pay lines that many physical slot machines tend to feature, with players paying attention to the whole screen rather than just part of the reels.

Greater theming and effects

The other big area where online Slots set themselves apart is in their theming and visuals.

Most physical slot machines these days are video Slots due to the risk of tampering with mechanical machines. Still, it’s hard for a land-based cabinet to keep up to date with changing technology and evolving graphics capabilities.

When it comes to incorporating theming, an online game can draw on cutting-edge digital effects and visuals that set it apart from the competition. You’ll find plenty of online games with themes based on popular TV shows or movies, from Deal or No Deal to The Walking Dead.

Each online Slots game exists in its own separate window or instance, so sound effects, music and visuals aren’t affected by neighbouring cabinets as they may be in a land-based casino.

Not only that, but online platforms are able to update their offerings at any time, unlike a land-based casino, bringing in fresh Slots experiences for players to try out.

Slot machine offerings in modern casinos are far more varied than they used to be, but they still can’t match the sheer variety that you can find online. With a number of fresh formats and the potential for more to come along in the future, online Slots deliver themes, visuals and gameplay you won’t find anywhere else.

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