Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee President Lin Hong-Dow has received the prestigious Order of Brilliant Star, First Class (Special Grand Cordon) from President Tsai Ing-Wen for his outstanding contributions to sports development.

President Tsai commended the CTOC President for his exemplary leadership during his three consecutive terms as head of the CTOC. She emphasized his unwavering dedication not only to achieving remarkable results in the Olympic Games but also to advising the government on enhancing the sports landscape.

Notably, President Lin’s advocacy for initiatives such as the Golden Plan significantly contributed to CTOC’s unprecedented success at the Tokyo Olympic Games, where Chinese Taipei athletes clinched a historic tally of two gold, four silver and six bronze medals.

Furthermore, Chinese Taipei won 19 gold, 20 silver and 28 bronze medals in the Hangzhou Asian Games, and 10 gold, 17 silver and 19 bronze medals at the Chengdu World Games, which are all the outstanding results of the Golden Plan.

President Tsai highlighted President Lin’s instrumental role in the establishment of the Taiwan Institute of Sports Science, which bolsters elite athletes through scientific research and advanced support systems. President Lin’s proactive promotion of this initiative underscores his commitment to providing athletes with the necessary resources for optimal performance.

Additionally, President Tsai lauded President Lin’s initiative to engage former athletes as coaches, thereby enabling them to impart their invaluable experience to the national team. This strategy not only enhances the coaching staff but also ensures the transfer of knowledge and expertise to future generations of athletes.

The awarding ceremony, held on April 11, was attended by notable athletes, including weightlifter Guo Hsing-Chun, table tennis player Lin Yun-Ru and swimmer Wang Kuan-Hung, all of whom have benefitted from President Lin’s Foundation.


President Lin’s mother, Lin Hsieh Han-Jian, also attended the ceremony, along with other esteemed sports representatives and government officials.

The award of the Order of Brilliant Star, First Class, was only the second time in CTOC sports history. Deng Chuan-Kai was awarded the Order of the King Star, First Class, in 1961 for his role in nurturing CTOC’s first Olympic medalist, Yang Chuan-Kuang.



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