At Overtime Elite Arena, Atlanta, Georgia, Friday, over DAZN promoter Brandon Rhodes (OTX – Overtime Boxing) presented in the Main Event Welterweight Kurt Scoby getting upset by being stopped by Dakota “Lone Wolf“ Linger in the sixth round.

In the co-Main Event coming back after three years former WBC Continental Super Welterweight champion Brandon “Cannon” Adams knocked out Ismael Villarreal as part of the OTX tournament in three rounds.

In the co-main event former WBC Continental Americas Super Welterweight champ Brandon “Cannon” Adams, 24-3 (16), #153 ½, of Whittier, CA, knocked out Ismael “Maelo” Villarreal, 13-3 (9), #154, of The Bronx, NY, at 2:59 of the third round of a scheduled 10 rounds.

In the first two rounds Adams had an edge over Villarreal who switched from orthodox to southpaw. In the third rounds final seconds Adams landed a vicious left hook to the ribs of Villarreal dropping him. Twice he tried getting up and falling to the canvas before Referee Nate Mann finally waved it off.

In the Main Event Welterweight Kurt Scoby, 13-1 (11), #, of Duarte, CA, was upset being stopped by Dakota “Lone Wolf” Linger, 14-6-3 (10), #144 ½, of Buckhannon, WV, at 2:21 of the sixth round of a schedule 8 rounds.

After dropping a close first round, Linger came back, outworking Scoby in the second and third rounds. In the fourth round’s final minute, Linger had Scoby out on his feet at the bell.

In the sixth round’s final seconds, Linger had Scoby defenseless when Referee Malik Waleed waved it off.

Super Welterweight southpaw Angel “Relampago” Ruiz, 18-3-1 (13), #154, of Culiacan, MEX, lost by decision to 2020 Olympian and WBA Continental Americas Middleweight champion Francisco “Bebu” Veron, 14-0-1 (10), #154, of Buenos Aires, ARG, over 10 rounds.
In the first round after a minute Veron landed five unanswered punches. Veron was the aggressor as Ruiz the counter puncher.

In the second rounds final seconds Ruiz had Veron holding onto him. In the third round Veron had much swelling around both eyes from right hooks of southpaw Ruiz but still out landed Ruiz.

In the fifth round, Veron outworked Ruiz in an action-packed round. In the sixth round, with a minute remaining, Ruiz rocked Veron with a left on the chin. In the seventh round with a minute remaining Veron knocked the head of Ruiz back with a right to the chin. Ruiz came back well but not enough to take another round.

In the eighth and ninth rounds Veron continued out landing counter puncher Ruiz. In the tenth and final round both had their moments with Veron having an edge. Veron had much swelling under both eyes and Ruiz under his right eye.

Scores 99-91, 100-90, 96-94, 98-92 KH.

Referee Malik Waleed.

Two-time National Amateur Champion Super Lightweight southpaw David “Dynamite” Lopez, 5-0 (3), #140, of Oakland, CA, knocked out Anthony “Toro Rojo” Mora, 3-2-1 (2), #141 ¼, of New Britain, CT, at 2:38 of the first round of a scheduled 6 rounds.

In the first round with half a minute remaining a straight left from southpaw Lopez on the chin of Mora knocked him through the ropes onto the ring apron being counted out by Referee Nate Mann.

23-Time National Amateur Champion, 19-year-old Super Middleweight Nathan ‘Brickbuster’ Lugo, 1-0 (1), #168 ½, of Marietta, GA, knocked out Robert ‘Lights Out’ Lartigue, 1-2 (1), #166 ¾, of San Diego, CA, at 1:33 of the first round of a scheduled 4 rounds.

Twenty seconds into the first round Lugo dropped Lartigue with a right on the chin for an 8-count from referee Malik Waleed. Halfway through the round a chopping right from Lugo and the side of the head and down again for the count from referee Waleed.

Logo is managed by David McWater.

Ring Announcer Lupe Contreras.


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