WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden saw it as an omen for his upcoming reelection attempt that the Kansas City Chiefs were back at the White House on Friday, being honored as Super Bowl champions for the second year in a row.

Biden noted that the Chiefs were the NFL’s first repeat champions in 20 years. He paused and then said, “Back to back. I like that.”

The Chiefs seemed at home on a sunny, warm afternoon. They arrived at the ceremony on the South Lawn via dual staircases from the White House, with wide receiver Rashee Rice leading the way in one of the lines.

Several players, including Rice, paused for photos at the podium in the White House briefing room.

Patrick Mahomes, in a brief interview after the ceremony, said his favorite part of this year’s trip was showing the White House to teammates who weren’t at last year’s visit.

“I think it was cool that you kind of knew what to expect,” Mahomes said. “I’m showing other guys pictures on the wall. I’m showing paintings, I’m showing some old furniture, everything. It really is cool, and I feel I was trying to be a tour guide at some point, and so it is cool for that. And then to be on the stage and get to just look out and you see the Washington Monument and all these different things, it’s a cool moment. I’ll appreciate it.

“Hopefully we get to come back again. I’ll appreciate it every single time.”

Biden, perhaps mindful of Travis Kelce’s mock attempt to take over the microphone at last year’s ceremony, initially joked that the tight end wouldn’t be invited to speak.

“I’d have Travis up here but I don’t know what he would say,” Biden said.

But then he invited Kelce to the mic.

“My fellow Americans, it’s nice to see you all again,” Kelce said. He then retreated, saying he had been told he would be zapped with a taser if he stayed put.

During the ceremony, Biden mentioned the shooting after the Super Bowl championship parade in February and the role that many players and coaches had in providing comfort to fans.

“I’m so proud of those guys that stepped up in that manner,” coach Andy Reid said afterward. “There was no panic by the players, and then they took all the little kids who were crying and kind of nursed them just a bit and helped them calm down. During chaos, that’s something.

“The whole city rallied around it and that’s a neat thing. It didn’t matter. You put everything aside, all your beliefs and everything aside, but everybody rallied together to support the family [of victims] and that you can’t ask for more of that.”

The ceremony concluded with Reid and chairman Clark Hunt presenting Biden with a helmet, which he put on his head to the cheers of Chiefs players.

“We got the royal treatment and a nice tour,” Reid said. “I don’t know how many presidents have tried on your team helmet. This might be a first … so it’s history being made.”


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