Deontay Wilder faces Zhilei Zhang this weekend, then Jared Anderson in August

Deontay Wilder has told Sportsbook Review that he aims to fight Tyson Fury for a fourth time, but first he has the powerful ‘Big Bang’ Zhilei Zhang this weekend, then Jared Anderson in August.

‘The Bronze Bomber’ clearly has unfinished business with ‘The Gypsy King’, desperate to exact revenge on his old rival, “I want to make Tyson Fury pay so bad, so bad. I don’t think that chapter is over with. I could see a fourth fight. I could see a fourth in the making, created by the creators. The Saudis have the source and the power to make it all happen. I want to get it back so bad.”

Wilder has suffered two KO losses to Tyson and one draw – from their first meeting – so is keen to even the score, especially after their last exciting encounter in 2021 ended with five knockdowns between them.

But first, he has a powerful Chinese contender to deal with in Zhilei Zhang, this Saturday in Saudi. Both boxers are coming off a points loss to the same opponent, Joseph Parker.

However, their fights were quite different, with Zhang able to floor Parker twice, ultimately losing on a narrow mixed decision, whereas Wilder was completely outboxed and dominated by the Kiwi, and was staggered badly in eight.

Wilder views his forthcoming fight as ‘competitive’, but warns Zhang not to take too much from his last performance, “To see the announcement they made [about Jared Anderson] let’s go baby, let’s get people excited. I’m not looking past Zhang at all, he’s a great fighter, it’s going to be a great competitive fight on June 1.

“It would be the wrong thing to do [studying the Parker fight] because this isn’t the same Deontay, everything is different. The hunger wasn’t there, the mentality I have now wasn’t there.

“If he’s going to study something, he’s got to go back to the Luis Ortiz fights because that was the best southpaw in the world, with the best skills in the world. I’ve already faced the best southpaw, I love southpaws, I fight them very, very well.

“Go back and study the Artur Szpilka fight, that’s what he should be studying. If he’s studying the Joseph Parker fight, he’s going to be wrong. I don’t want nobody to judge me off of that fight.

“In that fight I could not pull the trigger, I saw so many openings, so many places where I could execute but my body [couldn’t]. It was so crazy to experience that. And maybe it came from the layoff or other things that happened in camp, but who knows. We can’t pinpoint what happened, but we know it happened and I’ve made corrections. I made big changes. And it will never happen again. Joseph Parker is not better than me, at all.

The 38-year-old the explained why he wasn’t at his best in his last performance, where he was visibly lacking the aggression and power he is so well known for, “It was mostly inactivity and the travelling [that went wrong for the fight against Joseph Parker]. I had to travel back and forth across countries in camp, I’ve never done that before.


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