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Charlotte Hornets forward Grant Williams says that he and other teammates are excited about helping LaMelo Ball thrive as the group’s best player.

(via Charlotte Hornets):

“I feel like the thing about LaMelo is he’s actually more mature than people think, especially throughout the rest of the league. It’s funny, outside looking in, I said this before I got here or somebody who I forget I was talking to, but you would have thought he was this immature, brash guy. But his maturity level is there, now it’s just a matter of understanding what it takes, because he hasn’t had those… Like he’s had some good vets, but he hasn’t had the ones who teach him everything. And I think that’s something that I think this group provides with Seth [Curry], DB [Davis Bertans], myself, and being able to communicate with him on a higher and deeper level while also understanding we want his best interest at heart because he’s going to be the best player for this team. In order for our team to be great, we need him to be great, we need him to be available, we need him to be a guy that we can follow and guys can commit and lead and follow behind.

“So the talent is there, I’ve practiced with him and seen the ability. It’s not a question of his ability, it’s just a matter of doing all the things that matter and it takes to win and it takes to really be on the court and out there with the guys. I think the guys that are here, especially ones that are staying around with, whether it’s myself, Brandon [Miller], Miles [Bridges], we’re going to expect the most out of him and we’re going to challenge him. I think that’s something that he’ll receive well, and I think that as you see this upcoming year, he’ll be prepared to really take that level of growth that you guys have been hoping for and perceive. I think he played what? 30 something games? I think that number will change.”


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