Grayson Allen is having a career year with the Phoenix Suns. Allen has averaged career-highs in points, rebounds and assists, while leading the NBA in three-point shooting at 47.9% and closing in on a potential 50/40/90 season.

Allen’s done all of this in a contract year. He’s aware he’ll soon be eligible to sign an extension with the Suns, but Allen isn’t focused on his next deal at the moment.

“I haven’t been thinking about it or playing for the contract or anything, but I feel really blessed to be in a position where I’m on a team I fit perfectly on in an important year for me career wise,” Allen said. “Very blessed to be playing this well and given the opportunity I’ve been given to help the team out as much as I have.”

When pressed on what he could sign for, Allen reiterated that signing an extension or new deal isn’t top of mind for him now.

“I try not to think about it too much,” said Allen about his specific contract numbers. “One, because it’s not a done deal until it’s signed. You don’t want to count it, start counting stuff too early before it happens. Another part of is it’s March and we’ve got 11, 10 games left. We’re getting at a time where you don’t want to have stuff like that on your mind cause it’s an individual goal for me and right now, it’s the Suns and team stuff. I don’t want to think about that kind of stuff too much.”


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