India’s beach paravolley team made a strong start in the 2024 WPV Beach ParaVolley Men’s World Championship in Yunyang, Chongqing, China, with coach Chandrashekar Hucchapa at the helm.

On Thursday, India recorded their first win in in the tournament with a straight-set victory against Australia. Chandrashekar expressed his pride and optimism for the team’s future. “We’re overjoyed and ready for the next challenge,” he said.

The team’s success stems from meticulous preparation. “We began training a month in advance with a blend of rigorous physical training and strategic planning,” he explained. The new team composition, featuring new and experienced players, has proven effective.

Chandrashekar envisions a bright future for beach paravolley in India. “We’re hopeful it will be included in the Paralympics. National promotion is crucial, much like the journey of sitting volleyball,” he said.

Highlighting the sport’s benefits, Chandrashekar noted, “Beach paravolley is excellent for physical and mental well-being. The three-player format for athletes with disabilities is a fantastic adaptation.”

Optimistic about the future, Chandrashekar believes that with slight modifications to accommodate Para athletes, beach paravolley can flourish globally.

“The same rules as beach volleyball with some concessions can help promote the sport widely,” he suggested.


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