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4x NBA MVP LeBron James thought injuries continued to hit the Los Angeles Lakers all throughout 2023-24, but did mention that the group showed what they were capable of when healthy at the In-Season Tournament.

(via Los Angeles Lakers):

Reporter: “With the way you guys finished the regular season and competing with the defending champions the way that you guys did, does that give you any further confidence in this group if it stays together? Obviously that includes you, but just this group as a whole?”

James: “No, because we lost. I’m not a participation guy. We lost and you move on and see how you get better, but our season has been derailed all season with injuries and guys in and out. I talked about it all year, we was around us all year, I said, ‘It’s hard to say who we are, what we can be, because we have yet to be whole.’ I think we was only probably whole maybe one or two times this year, and I know one of them was during the In-Season Tournament, we got whole and we showed what we was capable of doing. We was just hit with injuries after injuries after injuries, and it’s hard to come back from that.”


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