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The much criticised Mike Tyson-Jake Paul fight has not gone away. After the fight was postponed, this due to Tyson’s “medical emergency,” where the former heavyweight king suffered an ulcer flare-up and was advised by medical experts not to go through with the fight set for July 20, plenty of people felt the fight was destined never to happen.

And, in light of Tyson’s age, these same people uttered a collective good riddance to the “freak show” fight. But now it’s been confirmed that the fight is not dead, that it will now land at the same AT&T Stadium in Texas on the new date of November 15th. November 15th is a Friday, by the way. As was the case before, the fight will go out on Netflix. As to what the supporting under card will consist of this time is not yet known – with the women’s super fight that is Katie Taylor-Amanda Serrano originally set to accompany the Tyson-Paul affair but now likely to find another home.

Tyson said today in an official statement that he will head back into training soon and that the result will be the same as it would have been on July 20th – a KO win for him over “Problem Child” Paul. And, as was the case before the postponement, those folks who are dead against this fight happening are far from happy.

It’s a big money-spinner, it has got people talking. It’s boxing, the theatre, or the carnival, of the unexpected. Of course this fight wasn’t going to go away so long as both men wanted to fight. And the delay of four months will at least give Tyson extra time to train and to undergo further medical tests. Tyson turns 58 this month (the 30th) and he smokes a heck of a lot of weed. But onwards “Iron Mike” looks to one more ring engagement. Or, should he get the win in November, maybe Tyson will have a couple more fights before he’s done. He did say words to that effect himself, after all.

Where will it all end??

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