Should the Detroit Red Wings be looking to trade for a goaltender?

Bob Duff of Detroit Hockey Now: Sure the Detroit Red Wings could trade for a goatlender this offseason, but should they do it? They’ve tried this route recently and it hasn’t worked out for them.

Ville Husso has a year left at $4.75 million and Alex Lyon is under contract as well. If they were to trade for a goalie, they’d need to move one of those two out. Husso wouldn’t be an easy move.

Would the Red Wings be on Linus Ullmark‘s no-trade list? It’s doubtful. The Boston Bruins are believed to be asking for a first-round pick in any deal for Ullmark. He’s got a year left at $5 million.

Jacob Markstrom has two years left at $6 million and Filip Gustavsson has two years left at $3.75 million are also believed to be available. Gustavsson’s numbers slipped last season.

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The Chicago Blackhawks-New York Islanders trade of draft picks wasn’t a precursor to anything for the Blackhawks

Phil Thompson of the Chicago Tribune: Chicago Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson said that the trade they made with the New York Islanders was just about acquiring earlier picks in the first and second rounds and not a precursor to another deal.

“It’s actually been kind of funny to watch all the discourse around that trade,” he said. “It’s been hilarious, actually.

“To us it was just our internal information indicated that it was an improvement in value, and so we did it. You’re correct, a second(-rounder), no matter how late a pick, is not nothing. Having said that, we do have a lot of picks. … We just felt that the picks we’re receiving have a better asset value package than the ones we were sending out.

“Honestly, it was that simple. It’s not a precursor or anything. It’s not a first domino to fall. It was interesting reading all the theories on what the next move was going to be.”

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Davidson added that they didn’t make the trade with any specific players in mind but the chances of finding someone better at No. 18 and 50 than at 20, 54, and 61.


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