Photo: Indiana Pacers/X

Here’s Indiana Pacers power forward Obi Toppin discussing why Pascal Siakam’s playoff experience is so important to the group (defeated the Milwaukee Bucks 4-2 in the First Round).

(via Indiana Pacers):

Toppin: “I feel like Siakam coming here was a big thing for us, just because the experience that he has. Obviously he has a ring, but he’s been around great players. I feel like a lot of us been around great players and been in different situations, but having the playoff experience makes it a little easier to vocalize to the players on what needs to be done and we all listen. Obviously, he’s one of the older guys after TJ [McConnell].”

McConnell: “I’m not even the oldest on the team!”

Toppin: “Yes, you are. But everybody just listens to each other, whether you’re a starter, whether you’re a guy on the bench, everybody’s trying to get better out there and we’re always trying to put each other in positions to be successful.”

McConnell: “Great answer.”

Toppin: “Old man.”


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