Porec, Croatia gears up to host the third edition of the PVE Champions Cup – Men from April 26-28, welcoming six top-tier teams from five European countries vying for title.

Following successful tournament in Nola, Italy, and Dresden, Germany, Porec steps into the spotlight and promises to provide top-notch sitting volleyball entertainment to the fans and athletes alike.

Leading the pack is defending champions OKI Fantomi Sarajevo, looking to secure a historic third title.

The reigning champions from Bosnia and Herzegovina will face stiff competition from formidable rivals across the continent, including their compatriot club KSO Spid Sarajevo, the host team IOK Zagreb, Italy’s Nola Città dei Gigli, Serbia’s OSUI Laktasi and Poland’s WZSN Start Wroclaw

Match Schedule

April 26
09:00 – Laktasi-Beograd vs Spid Sarajevo
09:15 – Fantomi Sarajevo vs Nola
11:00 – Zagreb vs Wroclaw
11:15 – Laktasi-Beograd vs Fantomi Sarajevo
16:00 – Spid Sarajevo vs Zagreb
16:15 – Wroclaw vs Nola
18:00 – Wroclaw vs Laktasi-Beograd
18:15 – Zagreb vs Nola

April 27
09:00 – Spid Sarajevo vs Fantomi Sarajevo
09:15 – Nola vs Laktasi-Beograd
11:00 – Fantomi Sarajevo vs Zagreb
11:15 – Spid Sarajevo vs Wroclaw
16:00 – Nola vs Spid Sarajevo
17:00 – Fantomi Sarajevo vs Wroclaw
18:15 – Laktasi-Beograd vs Zagreb

April 28
09:00 – 5th Place vs 6th Place
09:30 – 4th Place vs 5th Place
11:00 – 1st Place vs 2nd Place

Event Page: https://tournaments.paravolley.eu/ccm24

Source: ParaVolley Europe


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