Positive update claims Nkunku is “fine” and might play next week

Fabrice Hawkins of RMC Sport has just Tweeted a positive update on the fitness of Christopher Nkunku, who missed last night’s game after a confusing week of mixed messages about a hip problem.

Hawkins’ Tweet says his absence last night was “just prevention,” and that Nkunku is “fine.”

It’s a little confusing as Mauricio Pochettino seemed to indicate this would be a multiple week problem, but Hawkins is well connected and RMC Sport is a serious media operation in France so we’re confident he wouldn’t be saying this if he didn’t know fair

Perhaps we took Pochettino’s comments too literally, or perhaps he was just downplaying expectations when he said he had to “see if [Nkunku] can be ready for the next few games” (Goal).

Either way, it’s critical we get Nkunku back as soon as possible – the team once again looked dire without him in attack last night, and another spell on the sidelines could prove fatal to our chances of achieving anything this season.

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