Earlier in the week, NHLRumors.com looked at the RFA class 2024, and there are some big names. One of those names is Quinton Byfield of the Los Angeles Kings.

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Byfield has taken strides this season, using his size and speed to his advantage. The COVID Years hurt his development, but this season with the Kings, he has recorded 53 points (19 goals and 34 assists). His next goal will be his 20th.

He is setting career highs and becoming the player the Kings thought he would be. The question remains: what does his next contract look like?

From the sounds of it, Quinton Byfield could get a bridge deal from the Kings rather than a long-term extension.

On Thursday, Dennis Bernstein of the Fourth Period joined Sirius XM NHL Network Radio with Gord Stellick and Mike Rupp. When asked about Quinton Byfield’s next deal with the Los Angeles Kings, Bernstein thought they would do a bridge deal rather than a long-term contract.

** NHLRumors.com Transcription

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Mike Rupp: “To Go back to the Los Angeles Kings real quick. Quinton Byfield has been great this year, 26-year-old RFA (Byfield is 21-years-old). What does his next contract look like, in your opinion?”

Dennis Bernstein: “Well, look, the comparable will be the guy that was drafted after him, Tim Stutzle, which would be $8 million over eight. I don’t think they’re going to go in that direction. I think you’re looking at a bridge deal, Rupper, two to three years, and I would guess maybe $4.5 – $5 million per, and then he’ll get his money because he’s coming out of the entry-level deal probably at what, 24-25 years old (after a bridge).

So I think that there might be, you know, a meeting of the minds with respect to a bridge deal, so I think that’s what we are looking at. They could go the long route if Quinton wants to go that way, but you know something, Rupper, with the salary cap going up in three years, what’s it going to be $95-100 million, Byfield probably leave money on the table if you want a full eight over eight.

So he could be patient and certainly get a big raise over his entry-level deal. So I think they’re looking at a two-or three-year bridge deal and then he’ll cash in probably 26 or 27 on the big money.”



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